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What is Creative directing ?

According to Wikipedia, a Creative Director is a person that makes high-level creative decisions, and with those decisions oversees the creation of creative assets such as advertisements, products, events, or logos. Such positions are usually found in TV, Graphics designing, Film, Music, Games, fashion, advertisement, Media and overall in the entertainment sector.


I Consider myself a student and a master at the same time in the creative direction sector. My Unique ability to do deep research and gather data to help me come up with ideas and experiments to get an idea/story across to customers/audience in a quality and timely manner is my superpower. I have an eye for a story being told through any digital asset helping me break through the barriers of creative direction.


Full Creative Directing

This Involves everything in my ability to communicate a product to its audience. It requires meetings and experiments with a client to help us align on what is the goal. There is no limitation on what I could do with this package.

  • $2000 a Week

  • Consult for 1x service


Digital Marketing

This package focuses purely on marketing a product. I'm mostly experienced in marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Linkedin. This involves Research, data gathering, writing strategy then testing. With the process listed above, anything can be marketed properly and organically.

  • $1000 a Week

  • Consult for 1x service


Content creation

This service is for those clients that are only looking for digital assets. Whether it be photos or videos being edited, or creating a template and branding around a product can be all included in the content creating process.

  • $1500 a Week 

  • Consult for 1x Service


Social media managing

Social Media management is a process of scheduling, posting and managing contents that are ready made. It can be 1 platform or multiple platform clients want managed at a time. I'm a master at Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter managment.

  • $750 a Week

  • Consult for 1x service


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

206 - 468 - 5080

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