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I'm Esrael Elala, a Creative director. I currently work for a clothing brand called Habeshawwi Clothing as their Creative Director. I also work for a journalist company called OkayMedia as their content producer. For the mentioned clients above, I focus on producing contents and directing the language communicated with their audience creatively.

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My Work History

I first started working at a family owned leather products shop as a sales member. Even though I worked here during my high school time, this leather shop called Chalew Leathers exists and it’s thriving till this day. This business is where I was able to learn the art of sales, communication and networking. I was able to work with different individuals and customers. The diversity of people I’ve encountered helped me differentiate the real from the fake; the doer from the thinker; and the buyer from the skimmer helping me maneuver my sales game accordingly.


After finishing High school and moving to the USA, My first role in the states was a Valet Attendant Job. I pretty much learned who I really was during these 2 years of my valet life. Not only was I new to this place, but the language and culture was like slamming into a concrete wall for a kid fresh off the boat. My first couple of months were hard, but as I was able to learn the ropes around, I started picking up the game, mastered the system and grew to be a location lead in more than 3 places. I was able to manage a group of valets and train as many as 25 valets in a 2 years span. This job taught me how to manage people, work with a number of team members of 5 - 17 numbers at a time while delivering quality work. Managing and being a team player for different people is definitely a hard skill I mastered progressively. 

Once I parted with my Valet job, my next career move was the origin for the person I am today. I joined a bootcamp called YearUp. YearUp is an extensive year long program that includes intense classes of program management, public speaking, business management and coding and 6 months of internship at the end of your learning process. This program defined me as a person who sees things analytically and dive deep into problems to find a potential solution. It helped me elevate the way I thought and made me realize the untapped potential that I had. With YearUps help, I was able to land an internship at Amazon as an Engineer.


After a long 6 months of no sleep and hard work, I was able to land a full-time job with Amazon in September 2017. This was one of the best news to me and my family. I didn't know it was possible without a degree, but YearUp made me and my other peers realize the ambition to get it and your discipline is the main thing necessary to accomplish a dream or anything in life. So I started working as a Quality Assurance Engineer for Amazon. I changed teams a couple of times to pick up more challenges and pick up skills as I go. I’ve learned to be date driven, master Quality tester and solution creator, scrum master, owner of products that are being used by 100Million+ people and many other  responsibilities. After 3 years& 6 months run, I decided to call it quits and follow what I've been dreaming of doing since I was a child.

Digital Content Creator. I love creating digitally. Since I was a kid I've been fascinated by filmmakers, music makers, photographers, videographers and all artists in general. I was curious how movies were made and how some of the shots were taken. Music has been a big part of my life growing up, but unlike other kids my age, I was curious of how they made it sound the way it did. I picked up on each instrument that was playing in the back. Art was also another way of creating that made me realize communication was not just in words written or spoken. The way people were telling their stories using art was so intresting to me. When I was in corporate, this part of me started jumping out more and more. I will be working on my desk and without knowing it I find myself with a pencil and paper doodling stuff that would be a great addition to a clothing line I found in 2016. When I listen to music, I think of creating a cinematic video for one of my friends' social pages of my own. I started taking photos of others, making small videos for promotional purposes and other activities that involved creating. I was so obsessed with creating so much. I worked on making my dream a reality for 1 year and a half now by learning skills like photography and videography, Editing and producing contents, marketing and promoting products and some more. I practiced the skills by pitching my talent to clients and giving values to them as much as possible. So far, the response I've been getting from close friends, family and clients is very positive. I love working on anything and everything that involves the digital world and I'm always learning. 


I'm a MASTER at communicating a PRODUCT with its AUDIENCE.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

206 - 468 - 5080

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